Energy Assistance Programs

RCCAA Energy Assistance Programs

For all appointments and to request information please call (304) 860-1921 Ext. 100

Dollar Energy 

RCCAA partners with the Dollar Energy Fund to help low-income residents apply for financial   assistance for their utility bills. RCCAA Energy Assistance ProgramsThis financial assistance is delivered directly to the utility that is delinquent. Applications are processed until all funds are depleted. The program begins on October 1st of each year.

Please contact anyone in the Housing Department for further assistance.


Facilitates the process for low income individuals to receive assistance with heating bills through the state LIEAP Program by assisting with the application process.

To learn more about Raleigh County Community Action Association’s Energy Assistance Programs,  please contact (304) 860-1921 Ext. 100 or fill out the Contact form below.

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