SafeLink Wireless Program

Raleigh County Community Action Safelink Wireless Program

For all appointments and to request information please call (304) 252-6396 Ext. 118

The government supported SafeLink Wireless program provides a free cell phone and month airtime to low-income individuals that meet income qualifying guidelines.RCCAA SafeLink Wireless The cell phone programs offer up to 250 minutes per month that include local and long distance calling, text messaging, and voicemail with caller id. The phone allows individuals to respond to job interview inquiries and offers a mobile point of contact for family emergencies.

All programs also allow for free unlimited calls to 411 directory assistance and 911 emergency calls and tracking.

No credit checks, contracts or fees are required to participate in the SafeLink program. Cell phones activated through the program can make and receive calls anywhere in the United States with cell phone coverage.

To learn more about SafeLink Wireless  please contact (304) 252-6396 Ext. 118 or fill out the Contact form below.

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